Spring Yard Cleanup

We have serviced the following neighborhoods of Mississauga with meticulous, professional spring yard clean ups since 2006:

Mineola, Port Credit, Lorne Park, Applewood, Lakeview, Cooksville, Clarkson


Spring Cleanup

Our major spring cleaning usually starts as soon as I can safely remove the snow plow from my truck the first week April.
I will go to your home with one or two respectable looking helpers. That look is important to me.

Here are some of the work we can do for you with our spring cleaning:

    • Will use a combination of manual raking and power blowing your lawn to get it ready for healthy spring growth, and your first cut.
    • We have a great Power-Raker we can use as well to have your lawn ready for spring lawn fertilizer and a spring overseeding.
    • Will remove any leaves left over from the fall.
    • Cut down all your old perennial and hostas, minding not to step over any of the new spring buds.
spring Crocus flowers

Spring has arrived, so you don’t want to be stepping all over the Crocus Flowers.

  • Cleaning up your flower beds from the last of your neighbour’s leaves that blew over your fence.
  • Add a crisp new edge to your flower beds with our edgers and we will start at one end of your English Garden and work right around.
  • We can possibly turn over the soil if you wish (not the easiest of all our tasks).
  • Remove or thin out any overgrown perennials or dig out any dead shrubs along with the roots.
  • Our service will cleanup all the mess with care taken to not step over all your new spring flowers in the process.
  • We will collect all debris in yard waste bags and ensure they get out to the road for yard waste pickup, or to the dump.
Yard Waste bags at road covered in snow.

Occasionally, there is just one more snow storm, even when you want your leaves picked up. You just never know!

If you are looking for us to do a spring cleaning task that I have not mentioned above, we can discuss doing it. Our average spring cleaning takes 2-4 hours depending on how much work was done in the fall.

So e-mail me and I can go over and give you a quote. As long as you live in our service area.

Yard Cleanup – Anytime

We also do yard cleanups between our fall and spring cleanups. We get called when people move into a new house where much work is required. Also to those getting their house ready to put on the market for sale.
 nicely cut green lawn with mower
Over the years customers will call when they realize that their yard cleanup chores is out of hand for whatever personal reasons and they need help.
So, let me give you a quote and we will get your yard cleaned up in no time.

If you are thinking of selling, my 9 years of full time Real Estate in Mississauga can come in handy. I have been there and can make certain your yard looks its best for potential new homebuyers. Simple designed yards may be best, as many new homeowners want less work to do, not more.  They are working hard to pay their new mortgage and possibly have a young family to take care of. They will not have time for flowers and gardening for a few years.
So when it comes time for home sellers to clean up the yard to put it up for sale. Less yard work not more is the way to go!