Stone Work

When you are having trouble growing a lawn, remove and replace as much of the grass as possible with walking stones and patio stones.


large Stone garden

New large stone garden


Deck being torn down to build a patio

Old deck being torn down to build a patio



Beginning of patio to replace the old deck above


Completed Stone Patio

Completed Stone Patio


filling in the gaps between the shale stones.

Shale stone walkway being carefully repaired with masonry concrete


salt on stones for weeds

Salt on stones to kill weeds


walkway to secluded hot tube

New walkway to secluded hot tube


raised statue pedestal

Stone Pedestal


hostas walkway garden

Hostas walkway garden with old bricks


lawn replacement with stones

Lawn replacement with river stones


natural stones around maple tree

Boxing in these Euonymus with small armour stones