Mississauga Building Code, Permits & By-Laws for Fences, Decks, Retaining Walls

Mississauga City hall planning department log

Thinking of selling, and discovered the deck doesn’t meet the city’s compliance requirements because a permit was never issued.  Even though a person can live in their home, without compliance it becomes an issue when your property is sold because it will say in the purchase offer that the home is in compliance. It is a bank requirement also because before they give a new mortgage, the institution will want to know there are no structures infringing on any property boundaries.
In addition to property boundaries, a modern real property report requested by the purchasers lawyer that will show all the structures including retaining walls, garages, sheds and decks on the property

A real property report cost varies but the average cost is about $700. A property owner can request his own real property report and he can take it to the city for a compliance stamp.

Municipalities have strict limitations on what you can build on your property. Zoning by-laws are intended to regulate land usage for the benefit of the entire community. Every piece of land in Ontario is subject to zoning regulations.  These regulations specify, among other things, the distance that buildings are located from the property boundaries , building height, maximum floor space, lot coverage.

Whether at home or at the cottage, many people enjoy spending time outside on their deck or balcony, soaking up the sun or spending time with friends and family. However, when these structures are not built to code or properly maintained, they can collapse resulting in serious injuries and even death.

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