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Do you offer Landscape services in our area?

We service the following neighbourhoods only: Mineola, Port Credit, Lakeview, Lorne Park, Clarkson, Applewood, and Cooksville. Unfortunately we are very busy working in our close geographic area and would not be able to properly service customers further away.  We have been very strict from the beginning with our service boundaries and it has served us and our customers well.


Do you provide lawn weeding services?

It is very difficult to kill most weeds with what is available on the market in Ontario to spray. A few people have lawns with lots of weeds and unfortunately no one will be able to help them. It is possible to only help control a few types of weeds. So if you want us to go by and kill all your weeds, the answer is no, I am very sorry. To have a nice lawn able to to control the weeds you have to overseed annually, fertilize well 3 or 4 times a year, proper watering during dry periods and do not cut your lawn too short. It takes hard work and a concerted effort to have a nice lawn.
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Do you offer weekly lawn Cutting

We do cut lawns, but only very selectively in Mineola and Port Credit.  We are always actively looking for new customers and may consider a client who would want all their seasonal services with us. ie. Spring and fall cleanup, lawn fertilizing, hedge and shrub trimming, overseeding, mulching, gardening. (we do not do weed killing) I will not take on any new customer just for their lawn cutting. Let’s get together and discuss how well we could meet your expectations.Back to index


Seasonal yard cleaning company working in your area

If you are looking for a good company to help with your spring, fall, seasonal and yard cleanup we can help. However, we only service the following neighbourhoods: Mineola, Port Credit, Lakeview, Lorne Park, Clarkson, Applewood, and Cooksville. Below Dundas in Mississauga.
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What does our Hawk logo signify

Strength, vision, focus, patience. I love the way they glide in the air able to look for prey from so far away. I like to think we use a keen eye to ensure we do a detailed job on your property. Back to index


Crazy slogans to live by

  • All the money my mistakes have cost me, paid for all the lessons I have learned along the way.

  • May you be sincerely happy with what you have today my friend. Tomorrow we may wake up with less.

  • Life is a just a wonderful long journey. Are you enjoying all the crazy adventures along the way?

  • When times are tough and you don’t know how you can handle any more, just remember: ‘This too will pass’.

  • Accomplished people will always tell us the key to their success was that they never quite, they never stopped trying.

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